BLOG: Three Easy Ways to Get Involved


sometimes it feels like everyone at regeneration is looking to get involved. how cool is that?! the reality is, getting involved is easy…because the best way to get involved is to start serving others.

as we grow as a community, our needs with also grow; until then, there are three needs we have right now that you could help meet. serving is great, because it connects you with others, helps you get more involved, and builds our community. it’s a classic win-win-win.

1. join a first impressions team. first impressions teams help people feel welcome and comfortable, from the moment they leave their car until they get back in it to drive home. they hand out programs, engage folks in conversation, and help parents get their kids to the right place. this commitment is easy—arrive 30 minutes before service starts and stay 20 minutes after.

2. join a facilities teams. each week we arrive at our space early to get it ready for our use. we rearrange furniture, put out some decorations, and get the coffee going. facilities teams arrive at 4:15 and stay until we’ve put everything back the way we found it (typically, this takes about 20 minutes). while this is a longer commitment, we do have a lot of fun!

3. join a hospitality team. each week, we like to provide snacks both sweet and savory for all of us to enjoy. you can bring some food to share each week, or get on a rotation to bring something once each month.

joining one of these teams is easy! simply use the contact us form and someone will reply to you via email shortly thereafter.