moving on up.

Regen Vision Movie from Regeneration on Vimeo.

At Regeneration, our mission is simple: we exist to interrupt people’s lives with the love and grace of Jesus. Since 2014, we have gathered almost every Sunday night to worship Jesus, hear His Word, and build an authentic, life-giving community.

But here’s the thing: of the 210,000 people in Trumbull County, only 19% of people have a life-giving relationship with a church.

This spring, we want to do our best to make that number a little bigger.

In April, Regeneration will begin to meet at 11:15 am at its present location, Otterbein United Methodist Church.

As we’ve built this community together, we’ve realized that a key obstacle we face is the time we meet. Those who gather with us have two key commitments, according to demographic data:

  1. Family, meaning that given the choice between church and a family event—which often happen Sunday afternoon and evening—people will choose family every time. 
  2. Religious Faith, meaning that people are still looking for a church experience at the “traditional time,” Sunday mornings. 

If we’re going to be a growing community that effectively interrupts the lives of those in our circles of family, friends, and co-workers, we’ve got to be willing to sacrifice anything in order to get them into the room. After all, the most important person in the room is the person who isn’t here yet. 

So, what does this mean? A few things…

  • On March 5 and March 19, we’ll have two “preview” services at 11:15am to help our staff and our teams get a sense of how we can make Sunday mornings happen. We’ll still have evening services throughout March, focused on training and developing our leaders and community members on this switch. 
  • On April 2, we’ll jump into Launch Month, to launch our new worship time and experience together.

Here’s what’s going to change: the time. That’s it. A lot of us love that Regen is relaxed, authentic, and warm—but it’s the people that make it that way, not the time. What is going to change is our ability to reach more people and invite them to give church another chance.

In the days ahead, we’ll be sharing how you can be a part of this new launch and season in the life of our church—for now, join us in praying as we seek to share the love and grace of Jesus with those we love.