about us

give church another chance

regeneration is a word rich with theological meaning, but to put it simply, regeneration means a new life, new growth, and a fresh start. in short, we’re inviting people to give church another chance.

at regeneration, our mission is simple: we’ll do anything to help someone find the love of JESUS and follow HIM forever. 

we’re a church that exists for the 59% of people who have walked away from church disappointed—because they were hurt, or sensed hypocrisy, or just simply got bored. at regeneration, it’s our goal to be the surprisingly real, unexpectedly loving people of Jesus creating a church were all are welcome… and that includes you!

we’re a church that gathers together weekly for worship, and also exists as smaller communities that gather throughout our region. these smaller communities are the main avenue through which we share life together, pursue Jesus in our lives, and serve our community.