Regeneration’s DNA

Regeneration is a community of extravagant love and authentic hospitality, with a focused center of discipleship—that is, inviting all people into a life-changing apprenticeship to Jesus.

Our mission is to interrupt people’s lives with the love and grace of Jesus.

Our vision is to create a culture of disciple-making in our community and around the world.

Core Value #1: Worship

Each week we gather to sing together, pray together, hear God’s Word together, and take communion together. This weekly rhythm is, you could say, a weekly interruption, which re-focuses and re-centers us on Jesus and the Good News He’s bringing to the world.

Core Value #2: Generosity 

When Jesus showed up on the scene of first-century Israel, He shocked everyone with his extravagant generosity. Jesus never held back, but gave everything (even His life) to us. That’s why we never hold back with our time, our money, or our talents, interrupting people with extravagance just like Jesus did.

Core Value #3: Community

God eternally exists as three persons united in love; this divine community is mirroed in the ways we love and serve one another. Being in community is interruptive because it challenges us, encourages us, and reminds us that we need each other.

Core Value #4: The Word of God 

We believe when God’s word is explained, God’s voice is heard. That’s why we include the Bible in almost everything we do, and equip people to read it and understand it for themselves. Each week in worship we study a particular Biblical text, learn from it, apply it, and seek to live it out. Hearing from God through His Word is a weekly interruption to live as Jesus does.