at {re}kids! we are excited to help families find and follow JESUS. every worship experience, Bible lesson, and team activity will be fun, engaging, and age-appropriate.

at {re}kids, you can be sure that your kids are being invested in by like-minded adults who want to resource you to take the lead in your child’s spiritual formation.

at {re}kids! we know that every child needs these five things: 

  • a really big GOD they can trust no matter what
  • other people, like friends and family, who believe what they believe
  • another voice saying the same things parents say
  • biblical values to help them make wise life choices
  • nosy parents who know where their kids are emotionally and spiritually

{re}kids! meets every Sunday night during our regular worship service.

{re}kids! elementary is for kids in K-5th grades, while {re}kids! nursery is for infants six weeks through kids in pre-kindergarten. in both groups, kids are pointed to JESUS through fun activities led by capable, caring (background-checked!) volunteers.

Regen is part of a larger movement, and offers bi-weekly kids programming in the evenings on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday at the Grace Campus. click here for more info!